How It Works: Bring Children's Yoga to Your School

Thinking about adding children or teen yoga programs to your school day? Answer these questions and our team will help you design and implement a yoga program that will best serve your needs. We will review your plan for free and provide a program outline and quote for your school, including equipment (if any), time allocation each week, space, training, and technology needed. Please fill out the form with the following information.

Participant Age(s): List all of the different aged children/teens that you would like to participate in your school's yoga programming. Our evidence-based curriculum is uniquely tailored for different developmental stages by age and grade level, so please list ages out separately.

Yoga Type(s): Yoga Ed. offers program options for both mat and chair yoga. Select the one you are interested in or select both.

Yoga Location(s): List the location(s) within your school where you plan to implement yoga programming. This may be the general education classroom, PE class, or after-school extracurricular activity location (e.g. playground, gym).

Yoga Teacher: With our flexible training options, you and your colleagues can lead the yoga programming yourselves, or Yoga Ed. can do it for you. We offer live and online training courses to certify you and your colleagues as Yoga Educators with Yoga Ed.. Or have one of our Trainers come to you to lead a program for your school. Our programs are distinguished by the simultaneous implementation of student yoga classes, teacher yoga classes, and professional development workshops to sustainably improve overall school health and fitness. Many of our clients use both!

Desired Outcomes or Needs/Challenges: While adding a yoga program to your school will not doubt be fun for both students and teachers, it also brings numerous emotional, mental, physical and academic benefits. If you already know why you want to add a yoga program to your school, please list the intended outcomes you expect yoga to bring the the children and teens you serve. If you are not sure exactly how yoga will help your program, use this section to list the challenges your children and teens face and we will let you know which yoga programs will help overcome those challenges.